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From Amy N.


"...I'm totally in love with my rings and am showing them to random strangers at this point!!!!

You did a fabulous job with them, thank you so much!!!!!!"


From Amy B.


"...I received so many compliments on my ring and band while we were in Portland for the wedding. It is such a beautiful set and we are very pleased with the look of it all!"


From Claire S.


"...Thank you again for helping him design a beautiful engagement ring."


From Daniel P.


"...You made a beautiful engagement solitaire for me on short notice at the end of October last year (which I still appreciate)."


From Ellie L.


"...I just wanted to thank you so much for going out of your way to gift me with the gorgeous necklace for modeling on the show. It was extremely generous of you, the necklace is beautiful! I love it so much, it was such a wonderful gift."


From Lori G.


"...I love my ring!!! Just wanted you to know I think it turned out beautifully. I get compliments on it everywhere I go, including from strangers. Thanks so much!"


From Janie H.


"...I just wanted to say Thank You again for resizing my rings so quickly on Friday. I really appreciate it! It was so good to finally meet the person Aaron has been telling me about. I am really happy with my ring. It's beautiful!"


From Aaron P.


"...Robyn absolutely loves her ring!"


From Dan R.


"...Kerri loves the ring. I want to bring her up to meet you..."

From David D.


"...Your work on the ring was spectacular!  I think it looks great and it has appraised well.  It’s been a busy, busy week or two trying to clear my desk before our trip, and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out to pick it up and meet you. "


From Robin C.


"...I absolutely love the rings! "


From Hamad H.


"...Proposal went great and she loved the ring!"


From Ryan L.


"...Looks GREAT u always do an excellent job, Jessica loves it!!"


From Kyle S.


"...My wife got the ring last week while we were in Cozumel and she absolutely loves it.  


Thank you again!"


From Jennifer W.


"...Rich and I agree that you did a spectacular job on the rings! They are beyond gorgeous. Thank you so much!!"


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