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William S. Holman


 J/A Certified Master Jeweler

Trained as an artist, with an advanced degree in sculpture, Bill decided more than twenty years ago to apply his talents to the world of jewelry.


He is certified as a Level 5 Master Bench Jeweler by the premiere trade organization Jewelers of America. He takes jewelry to a new level with the experience eye and passionate enthusiasm of a master designer.

When it comes to fine jewelry some things are expected: quality materials, design, and craftsmanship. At Holman Design Group, these come together in new ways so that the jewelry exceeds the sum of its parts.


Each craftsman at Holman Design Group brings to his or her profession the imagination of an artist and the in-depth knowledge of an expert.


The creative process does not end with design. Bill maintains close contact with your pieces through every stage of the fabrication, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. The result is jewelry that excites the owner and delights the viewer, every time it is worn.

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